www.SemanticOverflow.com – the Web 2.0 Q&A site for all things Web 3.0.

www.SemanticOverflow.com is a new site based on the hugely popular StackOverflow.com, devoted to Q&A on anything related to the semantic web. The site is very new (created today) and I’m trying to get as many people to visit as I can, so please come and post your questions and together we’ll create a thriving community dedicated just to the semantic web. It’s free to join, free to ask questions, and most important of all – free to see the answers. You don’t even have to sign up to view, ask or answer questions. If you do join, all you get is kudos.
StackOverflow has been an overnight sensation because it combines many of the traditional features of wikis, newgroups and social media platforms combined with a reputation system that promotes community involvement and high quality discussion. I’m sure that as the Semantic Web starts to go exponential, Semantic Overflow will be a useful forum for more than just technical questions. I hope you’ll use it for speculation about the directions of the field itself. Unlike StackOverflow, non-technical discussions won’t be moderated out, provided they are on-topic. I think that in such an interesting and emerging space, discussion and dissemination of knowledge is critical. If you agree, please come and join us for a question or two.
Please also tell your friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances, pets and neighbors and ask them all to visit the site. If you have any suggestions about other places I could promote the site in – feel free to provide an answer here.

3 thoughts on “www.SemanticOverflow.com – the Web 2.0 Q&A site for all things Web 3.0.”

  1. does web3==semantic web? I think there are a couple of other concepts in web 3:
    – openness: the technology should be open, the data should be open, and the whole thing should be accessible
    – social – it’s about bringing people together and producing something greater than the sum of the parts

  2. Way too many ads there. It was my main problem with experts-exchange that 70% of space was devoted to ads and you had to scroll around pages to find where the answers are.
    stackoverflow has nice unobtrusive and relevant ads in sidebar. Semanticoverflow has 4 ads on each question page, that’s three too many.

    1. I totally agree, but I want the site to be self sustaining. For that to happen it’s adsense revenue needs to match the stackexchange.com hosting fees, which are very steep at $130/month.


      Andrew Matthews (From a phone)

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